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Where are they now?

We love to get updates on the life and temperaments of the puppies we breed!  If you don't see your special pup here, holler at me and we'll add a picture and comments.


McDuff, Dec, 2017 (Liberty X Tippin)

McDuff is from our very first litter of puppies and has grown into a striking, big boy.  He has matured to 68 lb.  His family says he is obedient, affectionate, and loves to play with other dogs.  He obviously loves this young lady!


Wyatt, Sept, 2018 (Liberty X Tippin)

Wyatt lives the good life.  His owners say he loves all the traveling and adventures they take with him.  Wyatt is called a protective, loving, and intuitive. 


Ezra, May, 2019 (Liberty X Tippin)

Ezra is in training to replace a retiring service dog.  His owner says Ezra is sweet, smart, and willing.  This is the first of our puppies to do this work so we are excited watch his progress.


Pandora and Dexter, Sept, 2018 (Liberty X Tippin)

Dori and Dex enjoy the good life on a ranch in Montana.  They have matured with great temperaments.

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