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Our Collies

Mountain Wave Liberty

Our first collie and ranch matriarch.

Jul, 2015 (Kelsey X Dylan)

Liberty the Steadfast!  When herding the goats or chickens is needed, Liberty is our go-to gal.  She is reliable with livestock, pets and children.  Liberty's charms made many visitors and ourselves big fans of the Scotch collie.

Cudsumer Freedom

Our second collie.

Jan, 2018 (Kendrick X Jinty)

Freedom the Devoted is a lovable, sweet tempered guy that loves to cuddle.  He is very sensitive to his people and loves them with all  his heart.  He is still learning control for herding but he is catching on.  Freedom loves to go and never hesitates to jump into a car for any adventure.

Menagerie Ranch Star

Our own home bred girl!

Sept, 2018 (Liberty X Tippin)

Star the Happy, easy-going, dream girl.  She loves water and games.  Star is a great watch dog and wonderful with children and other animals. 

Menagerie Ranch Feather

Another home bred girl!

Dec, 2017,  (Liberty X Tippin)

Feather the Loyal.  The most loyal of dogs, Feather loves the water!  Feather is a smart, sweet, and agile girl.  She is an amazing climber and very fast runner.  Feather is a stunner and is the most photogenic of collies.

Cudsumer Kendrick

Freedom's Sire

Jul, 2014,  (Rose X Archibald)

Kendrick the Defender.  This old soul is Freedom's sire.  We had the opportunity to bring him to the ranch and he's made us fall in love again.  Kendrick can be quite the guard dog at first but quickly loves anyone we invite into our space. 

Menagerie Ranch Skye

May, 2019 (Liberty X Tippin)

Skye the Easygoing.  Skye gets along with everyone and every animal.  She loves being in the middle of the pack and going along for the adventure.  This foxy girl is an athletic, long legged beauty with a sweet temperament.

Menagerie Ranch America

May, 2019 (Liberty X Tippin)

America (Mary) the Funny.  Mary is a hoot and enjoys stretching her legs on hike and chasing rabbits on the ranch.  Mary is my favorite collie to walk on a leash and stays right next her person.  

Mary rt side.jpg
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